Defensive Handgun Course

Defensive Handgun Course

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In this Defensive Handgun Concealed Carry Course, you will learn how to perform all necessary administrative and emergency handgun operations.

This Defensive Handgun Concealed Carry Course is designed to give you the opportunity to advance your skillset with your handgun. You will be doing and learning more than basic courses of fire, and just standing on a line and shooting. You will be incorporating movement, cover, advanced shooting techniques, reloading, malfunction clearances, engaging multiple assailants, drawing from a holster, and much more. This course is entirely, 100% spent out on the range working with a pistol and drawing from concealment. You will become a knowledgeable, well-trained concealed carrier with the skills and mindset you will learn from this course.

The Course Agenda

  • You will learn pistol handling techniques for loading and unloading your handgun.
  • You will learn techniques for holstering your weapon
  • You will learn proper drawstroke techniques, presentation of weapon techniques, and ways to effectively engage your target.
  • You will learn the difference between preemptive and emergency reloads, and when each is used.
  • You will learn how to recognize the differences between cover and concealment.
  • You will learn how to fire from behind both cover and concealment.
  • You will have the opportunity to engage multiple targets
  • You will learn the proper way of malfunction clearances, through multiple spontaneous malfunction drills.
  • You will learn and become skilled at shooting while moving.
  • This class is a full day spent out on the range with our instructors. We will offer suggestions and techniques to improve your skillset. The only way that you will become a better, more skilled, shooter is to come to our class with an open mind and be willing to learn the techniques that we want to show you.

***Equipment and Ammunition Requirements***

  1. Modern centerfire handgun, (.22 caliber handguns are not allowed in this course, semi-auto or double action revolvers only please). “Pocket Pistols” are not allowed due to their very small size and difficulty of use.

  2. A minimum of three magazines

  3. Two single or one double magazine pouch. Magazine pouches are to be worn on the belt on the side opposite the handgun. Speed loader holders worn in front of the holster.

  4. ELECTRONIC HEARING PROTECTION (this allows you to HEAR the instructors speak while simultaneously protecting your own hearing from gunfire. These are available everywhere that shooting supplies are sold.)

  5. Eye protection, (prescription glasses are ok, safety or sunglasses will also be accepted.)

  6. Holster – must be on the belt, correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, not allow the weapon to cover the shooter’s body, and not have a trigger guard retention device (such as the Blackhawk Serpa model and others). NO thigh rigs, cross-draw, etc.

  7. Sturdy belt, hat with brim, loose pants, comfortable shoes or boots, etc. (NO OPEN TOE SHOES WILL BE ALLOWED)

  8. 300 rounds of non-hollowpoint ammunition. (Hollow Point ammunition will not be allowed in this class.)

  9. You will need a concealment garment in the afternoon (Loose shirt, vest, jacket, etc.)

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