What does the class cost?

  • Enhanced Permit Class - $106.50 (includes tax)

  • Renewals are $79.87 (includes tax) for return customers only.

  • All other renewals are regular price. (As the class you will receive is the same class you would receive as a first time Enhanced Permit student.

  • Handgun Rental w/100 rounds of ammunition - $106.50 (includes tax)

How do I register for the course?

  1. Pre-pay before the course to reserve your seat and to ensure we have your class materials available on-site when you arrive.

  2. We use CASH App @ cash.app/$lctceo

  3. VENMO @ www.venmo.com/u/LCTCEO , Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Cash, Check, and of course we take guns and ammunition in trade for this and more advanced training. Additionally, we can send you a request for payment via CASH App or VENMO once you've selected a course date.

  4. We can send you a digital invoice to facilitate easy payment.

What do I need to bring to class?

  1. Come dressed appropriately for the expected weather conditions. We will complete the shooting portion of this class RAIN or SHINE.

  2. ONLY closed-toe shoes and long pants are allowed. DO NOT come in shorts or sandals.

  3. Bring your own eye protection. Rx glasses and sunglasses are acceptable.

  4. Bring hearing protection: earplugs or earmuffs, preferably electronic.

Where is this course held?

  1. We can travel to your location. Contact me directly for details and requirements regarding classes held outside of Watertown. (admin@lakecitytactical.com)

  2. Watertown course classroom portions are held in a couple of different locations depending on availability. Each course date will have its own specified location for the specific event.

Other courses available on request

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Personal Protection In The Home

Defensive Handgun 1 (1-day course)

  • Equipment selection, including firearms, holsters, magazine carriers.

  • Working from the SUL Position

  • Working from the Low Ready Position

  • Working from the Retention Position

  • Engaging multiple targets, building speed, and maintaining accuracy

  • Speed reloads, tactical reloads

  • Malfunction clearances

Defensive Handgun 2 (2-day course)

  • Defensive Handgun 1 review

  • Working from concealment

  • Use of cover

  • 0-5 feet close quarters shooting

  • Movement

  • Maintaining cognitive ability during the application of marksmanship

  • FBI Handgun Qualification