South Dakota Enhanced Concealed Carry Course

November 13th, 2021

We will be teaching in Watertown, Saturday morning. This course will address all of the administrative requirements for the State of South Dakota's Enhanced Pistol Permit and for the Renewal of existing permits.

We'll have a great time, and do some learning as well. We will shoot at the Watertown Area Shooting Complex, and the classroom portion will be determined in the next few days. Look at the FAQ page -

For details about how to sign up and reserve your spot in the course.

A big thanks to all of our students and of course all of the extra hands that arrived today to make it happen. Bill from Pries Laser Works, LLC, is our partner and is always around to help get it done. My son, Samuel, made a great showing today as well. He's going to be a wicked gun to have on your side when he comes of age, if not before.

My bride showed up with some surprise donuts and a case of water for everyone, which we needed far more than we'd realized.

A BIG thank you to Family Worship Center in Watertown for sharing their space with us. It's an absolutely perfect location for our classes.

The Watertown Area Shooting Complex is a fabulous range in our community and we are lucky to have it. Stop in and enjoy a day on the range! And if you see someone else's trash out there, please pick it up. Let's all offer our best effort and gratitude for this location. It is FAR superior to the location we had to use before.