Invitational Shooting Event

Imagine a regular Saturday morning. People are mowing the grass, getting their oil changed, going to the hardware store. Whatever they’d normally be doing. But today’s different.

Today they’re trying to get their errands handled earlier in the day. Because later they have an appointment.

See a month ago they received an invitation to an event, from someone they know, and trust.

Think about an event, where a shooter shows up, carrying whatever they normally carry , in the actual method that they carry it.

From April to November once a week they come.

Each month they are introduced to a new course of fire, with zero forewarning as to what it’ll be.

They are only promised that the entire shoot will be able to be completed with a single box of ammo.

They come up to the line. They are instructed in the course of fire (all will be different with an emphasis on weapon handling, marksmanship, problem solving etc. there will be a lesson to think about, or a myth to disprove etc with each course)

The shooter then shoots the course of fire, COLD.

THEN they receive some coaching. Then they get another pass.

After all the shooters have shot their runs, we are all together, with friends, old and new, and we talk about our experience.

Then before we go, each shooter shoots one of the two qualifier drills.

Our goal, is a realistic context to evaluate each shooter's skill level, commitment, and results.

And lastly to provide a path to improvement.